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Jinus has a world-class, multi-protocol, multi-gigabit IP infrastructure via which it provides convergent and high-speed broadband services. Now spend less time streaming and more on chatting, uploading videos, sending emails, and more. To address your organization’s Internet needs and help you gain competitive advantage, we provide one of the best broadband services in India. We are a leader in high-speed broadband services, offering comprehensive home and business solutions. When you choose our broadband plans, you choose lightning fast speed, uninterrupted performance, and reliability that redefine Internet experience. Key Features: Wide coverage Quick and easy installation in almost no time Download rich media files at ultra speed Our dedicated broadband service ensures minimum downtime 24*7 availability for technical assistance We strive to create value for our customers, providing reliable and fast broadband connectivity through a fast and flexible approach. Contact us today to know more about our broadband plans.